What is the difference between programming and coding?


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What is the difference between programming and coding?

Yes, you read the title right! Before we step into the geek mode you should know what coding and programming terms mean? Some people are still confused with these two terms; each term has a different approach and functionality.


Programming is a step by step process of something in a particular manner. Let's take an example: the remote control of our TV is programmed to change channels, control the volume of a tv, and change other settings. The same goes with AC, computers, flashlights, etc., by these examples, we can conclude that it is not coding, it is the coder who has programmed these devices for that particular job.


Now let's talk about coding here in the coding we use different languages to build an amazing Web Application, Website, Mobile Applications which solve our real-life problems here you can use different languages i.e. Python, Java, JavaScript, etc. The person who builds these amazing applications using these languages is called a coder or programmer because they are the one who builds the application and tells the system that I want this problem to be solved in this manner and the computer doesn't understand our language hence these languages are used to make them understand.